About DMS Spray Solutions

DMS Spray Solutions is a family-owned and operated business based in Perth. We have a dedicated team of experienced French Polishers and Cabinet Makers who understand the industry and requirements of its customers.

We are recognized for our strong work ethic, and strive in supplying the right solution of French Polishing needs to a large range of clients, including large entities as well as the general public; and can cater for any size job.

For our domestic clients...
If you live in Perth and are currently renovating or building and looking for 2-pac coatings for your kitchen & bathroom cupboard and cabinet doors or panels, which won't break the bank, then you have come to the right place as this is what we specialize in. Working directly with our clients, rather than through a middle man, ensures that your resurfacing project is completed with minimal fuss, yet quality finishes, at affordable prices.
Types of work we can undertake include Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry re-surfacing and also new installations, furniture restoration, and if you require the services of a cabinet maker - we can help you there too!
For new applications we offer of a variety of panel profiles custom made according to your measurements, providing you with the convenience of a complete service.
We also offer furniture restoration services including 2-pac coatings for your French Polishing needs.

For our commercial clients...
We offer commercial 2-pac coating application services for Builders, Office and Retail Shop fit-outs, general office and amenities, for projects of both a major and minor scale.
We also supply a variety of panel profiles, custom made according to your measurements for any new installations, providing you with the convenience of a complete service.
Our small team of experts will strive to deliver the desired results within your given time frames with integrity and without compromising on quality.
Discounts apply for large quantities of work and Free pick-up & Delivery is included*